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Cointelegraph Consulting: How Avalanche is reimagining DeFi

It’s not the first time that the native token of the Avalanche blockchain has encountered wild fluctuations. In February, AVAX shot as high as $60 only to reach a nadir in June and July. But after bottoming at $9.34, AVAX is now beyond $60 and is currently trading at $76. This has earned it a spot in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization with $16 billion, according to Cointelegraph Markets Pro. Avalanche is among the layer-one blockchains tagged as “Ethereum killers” that appear to have reduced the recent dominance of the top altcoin in terms of total locked...

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NFTs could mark a resurgence in art galleries

For decades, art galleries and museum exhibitions around the world have facilitated the presence of cultural education, social interaction and visual moments of awe.Michelangelo’s “Sistine Chapel,” Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Black Iris III” and Picasso’s “Weeping Woman” have all inspired generations of art lovers in their own pursuits of life — creative or otherwise.However, since the turn of the century — grossly impacted by seismic shifts in digital behaviors, economic uncertainties and enduring complaints of exclusivity — art galleries have seemingly depreciated in societal appeal.A piece by Arts Professional in late 2017 exposed the decline in visitor numbers to London’s most prominent art...

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NFT gaming company Animoca Brands acquires majority stake in Bondly

Animoca Brands, a nonfungible token (NFT) game developer, has announced a substantial investment in the NFT platform Bondly. According to a release issued on Friday, Animoca will own a majority stake in Bondly following the investment. Commenting on the rationale behind its investment in Bondly, Animoca chairman and co-founder Yat Siu told Cointelegraph: “We acquired a majority stake in Bondly because it will significantly assist us to drive true digital ownership via NFTs, and we see this as crucial to the future of gaming and the emergence of the open metaverse.” As part of the investment, Bondly’s NFT technology,...

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“USED CAR PRICES ARE ABOUT TO DEFLATE HARD,” writes the B of A desk (in all caps).

Even if prices stay flat M/M “forever from here….this upcoming month, October would see prices down (-8%) Y/Y, then November (-11%) Y/Y, December (-13%) Y/Y ..”


Thrilled to welcome @WClementeIII as guest author of The Bitcoin Monthly, and happy that on-chain analysis is highlighting, on balance, solid fundamental support for bitcoin.

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For those skeptical of our interest rate shock thesis (13.5x increase in the Fed funds rate in this cycle compared to 2x under Volcker), the UK pension fund LDI debacle is proof of concept.

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An average scrum squad that has 5 developers, at least 4 of them will be suffering from burnout. Burnout affects 83% of developers. - #burnout #developerburnout

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